Why Are We Giving Quizno's Another Chance?

Sure, the new prime rib sandwich looks good or whatever. But seriously? We're going back there? What has a Quizno's trip ever yielded but an overpriced disappointment? We can get reliable sandwiches at Potbelly's for half the price. So what if Quizno's is closer. That is negligible. We are talking about lunch here. Let's not blow this because of laziness.

Yes, sure, toasting, great. Potbelly's does that too, mind you. Without all the deceptive sandwich lengths to choose from. Do you want a "small" size? Hell no. It's like 3 inches. But do you want a large? Because that mother is 12 inches long and will cost you a sawbuck. They intimidate you into over-ordering because they know you are afraid of under-ordering. Shameful tactics, and it's a conscious corporate tactic. Do you honestly want to support that?

OK, yeah, you somehow make it through the complicated menu. You get your sandwich, which never looks like what you ordered. So you are certainly grabbing chips and a drink. You might think that purchasing these items together would create some kind of money-saving combination. You'd be dead wrong. You'll be lucky if you save your dignity when that transaction is over. BOOM. What's that? Lunch costs the same as dinner? Wha? You only have a ten? You need to borrow 2 bucks from me? Sorry, friend.

Yes. The pepper bar is a nice touch. Great. So a whole national sandwich chain and they can only nail one condiment? That is a poor showing. Please do not be OK with that. Besides, what kind of rotation do you think those peppers are getting? Do you think it's the shift manager's top priority to ensure fresh peppers every day? No.

Please do not pull into this meter space. Continue driving straight. Do not just sigh and shrug your shoulders. Your resignation and curiosity is sickening. How easily you look past the years of weakly-meated and overly-crunchy monstrosities. How casually you succumb to the prospect of alfredo sauce on a sandwich. If, however, you really are going to do this, then get me a brownie. It is the least you can do at this point.