Hateful Things Matching Game

Match The Inciting Incident With The Resulting Secret Outburst:

  • Some Random Dude Throwing Napkin In Your Desk Garbage Can
  • Officewide Email About Some Stupid Thing That Doesn't Even Come Close To Concerning You
  • That Guy's Ridiculous Headphones
  • Driving Rain
  • Toppled Newspaper Box
  • Misspelled Graffiti
  • Asshole Behind You Basically Implying That You Shouldn't Be In The Express Checkout
  • Morose Teenager With Lipring
  • E! News
  • The Wet Flyer Stuck To The Bottom Of Your Grocery Cart
  • The Minefield Of Dog Turds On The Sidewalk
  • The Obnoxious Delivery Window For Your One Side Chair
  • The Weird Pause In The Voicemail From Your Sister
  • Guy You Know From Softball Clearly Ignoring You on Train
  • Boring Sunrise
  • Limp Chalupa That Was Supposed To Be Baja Anyway
  • Racist Undertone
  • Baffling Hairstyle
  • Choice Of Funeral Flowers

  1. Series Of Tiny Pen Stabs In Chair Cushion
  2. Silent Screams In Bathroom Stall
  3. Mangling Of Cilantro Bunch In Produce Section
  4. Just Totally Hanging Up On Sprint Representative Mid-Sentence
  5. Honking Car Horn At Pretty Much Everything
  6. Dumping Coffee Grounds In Sink Without Remorse
  7. Complaining About The PBR When It's Probably Fine
  8. Whispering To Yourself While Shooting Staples Into Small Pile On The Floor
  9. Trying To Balance Coaster Sideways On Beer Bottle For Nearly Twenty Minutes
  10. Just Rubbing Your Face In Circles Over And Over
  11. Smashing Half-eaten Muffin On Stop Sign
  12. Morosely Get Lipring
  13. Buying Elaborate Lunch
  14. Replying To Everything In Spam Folder
  15. Tear Sleeves Off Old Sport Coat
  16. Stare In Mirror Until Dizzy
  17. Forsake Hygiene
  18. Laugh Until Asked To Leave
  19. Idly Till The Earth
  20. Snap At Dentist