I Got A Haircut! Look At My Head And Smile Approvingly!

I am looking right into your eyeballs. Return my glare and match it with an equally joyous one! You may recall that yesterday the hairs on my head were longer, whereas now, they are shorter! By nearly three inches! This is a result of a procedure called a haircut, which I bravely had done last evening!

A keen eye will notice that my bangs are styled in a slightly different manner. This was originally done by the stylist, but I have managed to recreate the effect this morning with my brush. The brush was round, and I think that I can attribute my success largely to that fact!

Do not take your coat off just yet. Please look at all angles of my head. Ask me to twirl around, because I will do so happily. Yes, this was a big step for me, and reflects my inner desire to be a bold person. This inner desire is most easily manifested in the haircut process. At first I wasn’t entirely convinced I had made the right choice, and so now is the perfect opportunity for you to affirm my decisions. You may have to put down your bag to accomplish this.

I have enlisted others in this effort. In fact, every person that passes through that door is participating in this process, which, as you will see, consists of three main steps: Beholding, Extreme Appreciation, and Complete Validation. This is also the suggested order the steps be executed in, but I will gladly allow for some variation. Should you, say, choose to move directly to Complete Validation, I would be accommodating. As long as the final step meets my satisfaction, which is probably easier to achieve than you might imagine. Please make sure to do so before your meeting. I’ll hold your coffee!